3 Things to Do on the Los Roques Archipelago

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Los Roques is a paradise for travelers who search for natural beauty at its highest.

The Los Roques Archipelago is composed of more than 300 islets, islands and cays and is taking pride of its virgin coral reefs.

With the abundant marine life and different species of seabirds found it its islands, we listed the top three things that you should never fail to do when visiting the Los Roques Archipelago.

1. Diving and Snorkeling

This is a must-do activity when traveling to Los Roques. You absolutely should not miss the Caribbean barrier reefs enclosing the islands, and experience steep walls on the eastern and southern flanks. You will be encountering multicolored coral reefs and schools of fish, including imposing submarine caves.

2. Trekking

If you want to feast your eyes on superb views of the nearby islands, pristine lagoons and the entire Caribbean Sea, then trekking the Gran Roque should be included in your itinerary. This also allows you to see the lighthouse on one of the volcanoes and another one on a hill at the heart of the island. The most recommended activity is watching the glorious sun set at the peak of Gran Roque.

3. Island Hopping

One of the most affordable and well-liked activities on Los Roques is taking a trip to the cays and islets around the island. Cheaper day tours could be availed from small boats, also called apenero, at the main docks for only $10 to $30 per passenger.

Overall, diving, snorkeling, trekking and island hopping are the best activities to do on the Los Roques Archipelago.

So start planning your next vacation today!

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