A Surprise Visit to FDR Pebbles (no longer exists...too bad)

Runaway Bay, Jamaica · About Escorted or Guided Tour

It's Thursday and right after breakfast things got off to a swinging start for my sisters.

My adults went to look at some suites and cribs and stuff.....a site inspection they called it.

...and I tried my hand at rock painting. It was great messy fun.

All of a sudden, and without anyone asking my opinion.. we were in a nice van and off to visit Pebbles Resort and have lunch there. I had a great sleep on the way cause my car seat was just so comfortable that I gave in and closed my eyes for a minute. I woke up a couple of hours later to find myself listening to the sound of waves hitting the shore just outside of the room we were using for the day.

The room was right on the bottom floor on the left in the picture below and the verandah is right on the beach. How neat is that!

After I had lunch ... (we seem to be doing a lot of eating)...we went to the pool and the beach.

What a great pool !... No wonder my sisters were excited to go back to visit.

I was all taken up with this immense stony looking thing.
Mommy says this is brain coral. Imagine carrying this around in your head. Not too sure if I want to be too brainy... looks like a heavy load to carry. Ya mon as they say here in Jamaica .

We're off to the petting zoo and to go fishing.

Watch out Mr Goat, ...I'm not kidding!

This looks like fun. But we ran out of time and had to get back for...

...you guessed it.. Dinner .

..and crazy dress up night for us kids.

I kind of like the outfit I chose. Do you think piracy runs in our family?

I want to go to: