Accommodation Advice II

About Hotels

Commonly Misused Terms

"Adjoining" versus "Connecting" rooms.

As you know, these words have different meanings, but it is not uncommon to have them misused or misunderstood when it comes to making room arrangements.

  • Adjoining can mean anywhere on the same floor, or on the same deck in the case of a cruise ship.
  • Connecting means the room has a door which allows you to pass from one room to the other without going out into the hall, so it can be left open at any time.

"Ocean View" versus "Oceanfront" Rooms

Again sometimes misleading and can affect couples who visualize putting the kiddies to bed, relaxing on the balcony, sipping a delicious drink and gazing at the ocean. Make sure you are not going to be disappointed.

  • Ocean View. If you can see the ocean from your room or balcony/patio, even if you have to crane your neck at a most uncomfortable angle... you have an ocean view.
  • Oceanfront however means just that. Your room is in a building directly in front of the sea and you have an ocean view.

Oceanfront rooms are always more expensive. You can take your chances. You can always request, but never will you have a guarantee of getting the view you want unless you pay for it. If it is important to you... indulge yourself. You deserve it...

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