Accomodation Advice for Families of Five or More

About Hotels

You need to be aware that hotels and cruise ships are restricted by law as to the number of bodies (including infants) one room can legally hold. In addition, individual ships, hotels and/or tour operators may have their own rules which can be even more restrictive. You may be travelling as a family with three or more small children and feel quite happy to share one room. Hotels and cruise ships accepting more than a maximum of four bodies per room are in the minority. Some hotels, notably in Europe and Cuba will not accept more than three persons per room.

So what does a family of five or more do? Count on having to book two rooms for a family of five or more. Five people cannot travel for the same cost as a family of four.

Is it really cheaper by the dozen? Per person - probably. For total cost - impossible.

The additional costs you will incur will of course depend on the amenities you want. Budget realistically or be prepared to minimize your expectations. It can be done. Make your arrangements through our agency, we are accustomed to dealing with larger families. There are many places waiting for you.