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Australia...Now here is a truly natural (no Mickey Mouse ) great family vacation destination. If you can survive the lon........g (minimum 20 hour from Toronto) flight duration... "Are we there yet?" .... you'll have a great time.

Photo of Sydney Opera House by Corey Leopold

The Australian landmass with its unique flora and fauna is one of the most ancient on earth. Because Australia was the last large landmass to be discovered by Europeans, many of us tend to think of Australia as a relatively recent colonial civilization, without realizing that the Aboriginal cultural history dates back about 5000 years and the first colonists from South-East Asia arrived anywhere from 35,000 to 60,000 years ago.

Australia has more than 500 National Parks and thirteen of these areas are on the World Heritage List.

There are many ways to "do" Australia but unless you plan to spend six months or more on this vacation, or have the budget to take internal flights, don't plan on seeing too much of it. It's just too big and travel times from one interesting point to another are major.

A good guide book is a must. Sydney, a "not to be missed" city is a great starting off point. Be sure to visit the Aquarium and one of the area Wildlife Parks.

Even if you think a desert environment holds no appeal for you, Ayers Rock and the famous outback region will definitely get to you. Had I stayed longer than three days at this spot I might still be there enjoying those fantastic sunrise/sunsets and listening to the sounds and the silence. A visit to a section of the Great Barrier Reef is usually on most visitors wish list, and can be arranged for even if you are a non-diver.

Is this an expensive holiday? Yes it is. The cost of the return air as well as the internal flights can add up to a tidy sum. After that it depends on the level of comfort you choose for your accommodation and remember you will spend a lot on sightseeing because there is sooo much to see. Wherever you travel in Australia you will find excellent accommodation for families .. from R.V. and camp sights to luxuriously furnished apartments on beautiful beaches and off shore islands. To go for less than three weeks is not giving yourself enough time to get a taste of what this island continent has to offer... let alone to begin to understand what the Australians are saying. Even if you can't go now... plan to go someday.

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