FDR "Baby Blog" in date order

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Our intrepid 2-year old blogger, Orlando, takes you on a journey through his vacation at the fantastic baby-friendly FDR Resort in Jamaica. To make it easier to follow, we have moved it around a bit to make it easier to read. It is now in chronological order rather than the normal reverse chronology of a typical blog.

At the bottom each individual post you can click on the "NEXT" link to go to the next installment.

Table of contents:

06 Feb 2009 - Here we go again

09 Feb 2009 - The night before we fly to Jamaica

10 Feb 2009 - Jamaica bound

11 Feb 2009 - My first full day at FDR

12 Feb 2009 - A surprise visit to FDR Pebbles

13 Feb 2009 - Friday 13th Jamaica style

14 Feb 2009 - One romantic day

15 Feb 2009 - Our last full day and I want it to be at the beach

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