Baby-Proofing Your Hotel Room

About Hotels

When you're a traveling parent with a baby or a toddler, you should take a few extra steps to ensure your hotel room is baby proof. The moment you get inside the room, carefully survey the entire place. Check the tables and remove any item that may be potentially harmful to your child. Keep it in a closet away from their reach to avoid mishaps.

Check that all of the furniture is stable. A woobly chair or teetering bed can cause falls. Consider packing Duct Tape or Blue Painters Tape along for the trip. You can tape up almost anything - corners of desks, crevices on the wall - to lessen risks. You can also cover up power outlets.

Before having your child wash his/her hands, check the temperature of the water first. Tap water in most hotels is very hot. Keep the bathroom door closed so your child can't roam in unattended. If you can bring a portable crib on the trip, it would prevent a toddler from crawling almost anywhere.

Unfortunately in a place that's not your home, you might not baby proof it quite to your standards, which is why a watchful eye is so important.

Happy travels!

And remember, if you need help planning a kid-friendly trip, the Let's Take the Kids Travel Agency has the first-hand experience to do so. Just contact us for more information.