"Black Friday" travel deals?!! Maybe!

Caribbean, · About Sea & Sand

Everyone is jumping on the "Black Friday" bandwagon it would appear! Several of our tour operators are teasing us with promises of bargains and deals galore this Friday, or even some have deals all week long - this week or maybe next week...

We are going to highlight a couple of things in our blog that actually might be worth checking out as part of Black Friday madness!

Of course, some of it will likely be hype, but there are definitely going to be deals to be had and if you've been waiting to book, maybe this will be the chance you're looking for.

Note of caution:
Lots of the best family-oriented resorts are already sold out, or have extremely limited availability for popular dates - yes, Christmas, New Year and March Break - so a lot of places aren't going to have much in the way of deals for many dates.

I want to go to: