Chura Camp is the place for family camping trips!

Harare, Zimbabwe · About Outdoor Activities

A place for gathering during holidays and have a lot of refreshments!!!

Are you an avid lover of outdoor experiences or on-safaris to Africa? Have you been looking for a place to have an amazing outdoor experience? Then, you should check out Chura Camp, Zimbabwe. This campsite is situated just a few meters from the banks of the river and nearing the Tiger Bay Resort. The tented rooms all face the river but have an ample platform to offer a wide field view.

There is a swimming pool at Tiger Bay as well as a dinning lounge and bar. The campsite provides a natural environment and also has a touch of the town life as it has such facilities as a generator to heat up your shower water. Chura Campsite can be accessed by air and road and upon arrival by car at Lake Fresh Fisheries a boat awaits to take you to the camp.

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