Delicious food trip in II Buco

New York City, New York · About Dining

If you like eating in a restaurant with antique furnishings, this is a place for you!

Il Buco is doubtless one of the most charming restaurants in New York City. Its beginnings as a rustic antique store echo throughout the decor, with "Primitive American" country tables, candles & kerosene lighting, artisanal chandeliers and antique furnishings.

The Mediterranean menu complements the decor, and includes an extensive list of seasonal appetizers accompanied by a menu of pastas and entrées that changes daily according to market. The cuisine is inspired by Italy as well as the Iberian Peninsula, with special attention placed on selected imports of Italian products, including the finest Umbrian olive oil produced exclusively for il Buco. All products are selected based upon a commitment to traditional artisan craftsmanship and are available for purchase.

For long term residents who love the old haunts of the literary and famous, Il Buco is a must-know location. The restaurant and its famed wine cellar inhabit a space long thought to have inspired Edgar Allan Poe's The Cask of Amontillado. We can't vouch for the veracity of that tale, but we can say that the wine cellar at Il Buco really does have a character all its own.

For visitors who want to get a feel for Old New York, this is certainly a great place to stop in for a glass of wine and a small plate. Those looking for a romantic spot should ask for reservations in the cellar, where candlelight flickers and mystery whispers

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