Edmundo you made the perfect recommendation for our family

By Carolyn B, Ottawa · Agent Edmundo Roa · in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic


Hi Edmundo,
WOW. We were really impressed and we had a ball.
The advice you gave us was perfect. I pre-printed our boarding passes for our flight to Punta Cana. Good advice. It saved us so much time in Montreal on a very busy travel day. We were greeted at the airport in Punta Cana and our family was driven by mini van to the resort. Our exit from the airport was effortless.
Our rooms were located at the outer edge of the property and that suited us fine. The rooms were ideal for our family, too. The kids took one room and Clarke and I had the other just down the hall, connected. The set up worked brilliantly. The beds were comfy...I haven't slept so soundly in a loooong time.
What can I say about Club Med Punta Cana other than it was really a piece of heaven. We went to the beach all day every day...the white sand and the colours of that warm ocean and the palm trees were beyond description. The kids were thrilled to experience a real tropical vacation. We never went to the pool as we are true beach bums. Our family is outgoing so the teens met lots of other teens from all over. Kyle made friends with some of the GOs from Haiti and really enjoyed working on his French to engage them in conversation about their homelands and to share with them a little about ours. We had fun picking up a little Spanish too. All of the staff was fantastic and welcoming. We never felt that there was a lack of English...we were in a foreign country and we embraced the different languages and customs.
The buffets were excellent. The food was amazing, especially on the last night for the Gala. Desserts were soooo tempting and yummy and my girls and I had never had papaya or passion fruit before. My mouth waters thinking about the wonderful assortment of fruits. We had passion fruit with every meal. We found there was enough variety and something for everyone. We ate at the Hispanola (outdoor) and we really loved the breezy feeling. We dined on our second night at Samana (indoor) restaurant but never went back (except to get ice cream- Clarke and Shannon love the soft serve). We found it to be noisey and loud... at least on the night we went. I think we really couldn't get enough of the warm breezes and the smell of the ocean. We had lunches at the beach bar and found it to be quick and tastey.
We always felt safe and secure. The teens (aged 16 and 18) would spend time with their new friends, playing volley ball or dancing at the bar in the evening after the show. We felt they could branch out on their own and we didn't feel like we had to always be close by. They are good kids, too, so that helps.
We took and excursion, booked through the resort. "Wild Safari" which took us out to the countryside, through Higuey and to the cathedral. It was important for the kids to see the countryside and to see how very lucky we are in Canada. We saw and got to taste sugar cane. I will never think of something I take for granted quite the same way again. We went to the ranch on the Chavon river for kayaking and zip lining and a real Dominican meal. Really...I went zip lining! My kids were so proud of me...it was so far out of my comfort zone but it was also the most empowering thing I have ever done in my life. Clarke and the kids all said, "now you are afraid of NOTHING". I think they are correct! The guide was informative and funny.
Our vacation at Club Med Punta Cana was everything we could have hoped for and more. It exceeded all of our expectations and came home rested and tanned.From the hospitality of the staff to the beach to the food to the activities... it was truely the benchmark we will comepare everything to. I know for years to come we will begin conversations with. "remember when we went to Club Med?..Remember how amazing it was?..."
Alicia (11 years old) and I took a walk on the beach the last day just before we got the shuttle to the airport and we were pretty envious of those who were not going home that day. We were all feeling a little down and pretty sad to be leaving.
Edmundo you made the perfect recommendation for our family. We had a wonderful time. We are already beginning conversations that sound like, "when we go back to Punta Cana..." we will certainly be back to book with LTTK.
Thanks ans all the best,
Carolyn B
Ottawa, Ontario


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