Enjoy a Day Bike Riding with the Family on a Kids Bicycle Tour

Chicago, Illinois · About Outdoor Activities

Looking for a tour that was created with kids in mind? Then check out the Kids Bicycle Tour in Chicago. On this tour parents & kids can ride their bikes side by side, visit the Lincoln Park Zoo to pet animals and a hidden garden.

Treat the family, especially the kids with their much deserved vacation with Kids Bicycle Tour in Chicago and experience a family time worth remembering and worth redoing over and over. Designed especially for kids, Kids Bicycle Tour is a fun family-friendly way to explore the famous landmarks of Chicago. Pedal your way through bike-friendly paved roads and enjoy the company of your family by your side.

Kids Bicycle Tour is a 2-hour long fun-filled family adventure in which you’ll get to stop and enjoy games with your kids aged 10 and below along the way. Later on you’ll also be visiting the Lincoln Park Zoo where you can enjoy a sightseeing experience and you can even pet some animals. You’ll also get to enjoy Chicago’s magnificent lakefront path. A vacation can be hard at times especially with kids under the age of 11 to take care of, but with this wonderful Kids Bicycle Tour, Both you and your kids will surely enjoy a cycling tour with spectacular sights to visit.

Call us now and have a fun family vacation with Kids Bicycle Tour!

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