Headplay - Use the Ultimate Travel Screen Entirely Fit for Entertainment

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If you want to encounter unmatchable entertainment when traveling, then you will need very special goggles to save you from boredom during those long flights and roadtrips!

From iPods, laptops, video game consoles, DVD players or any travel gadgets that feature a video and audio out jack, you are given the opportunity to experience a one-of-a-kind entertainment with the help of Headplay. This cool and rather conspicuous thingamajig allows you to watch whatever type of entertainment you got on your travel gadget with the assistance of truly unique goggles. Learn more about these $549-goggles, along with its visor, in a quick review provided by Denny Atkin of ComputerShopper.com.

Windows desktop is clear and readable, for the most part, but we wouldn't want to spend a lot of time doing work using the visor. While the center of the screen is very sharp and easy to read, when we glanced at the extreme corners to select the Start button, a menu item, or minimize button, we found one eye or the other would encounter a blind spot… Headplay works very well as an entertainment display, but with its fairly low resolution and its issues with viewing extreme corners, we'd hesitate to recommend it as a way to do your PC work in private. As a portable “big-screen” monitor for gaming and movies, however, it rocks. The coolness factor of wearing your own personal, private display just might offset the geek factor of being seen doing so.

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