Here we go again! Jamaica!

Runaway Bay, Jamaica · About Escorted or Guided Tour

This year more and more babies are going to FDR and so we need to go and "retest the waters" for ourselves.

We can't believe it. Nana's announced that we are off to FDR resorts in Jamaica on February 10 for a week. Kiara and I are now 2 years older than last time and we have our baby brother, Orlando, to take with us. Nana says that this year more and more babies are going to FDR and so we need to go and "retest the waters" for ourselves. By that she means that we have to see how everything works out for a family with a minimum of 3 kids of different ages, sleep and play habits and all that. Travel along with us and we'll keep you posted.
Gabriella... about to be 8

Hi, it's Kiara here....and now I'm a big girl of 5 years. I've already learned that travelling with a baby involves taking along a lot of extra stuff. Since Orlando was born, in June 2007, we have taken him to England, Mexico and on a ski holiday at Smuggler's Notch in Vermont so I do know what I am talking about. In order not to make Mama's days too stressful, Gabriella and I thought that Orlando should do his own planning and organization for this trip... after all we've been given 7 days notice .. not just 2 days . Also we think it will be neat for him to tell about his personal FDR experiences. Keep posted.
Kiara... 5

Hurrah! I get to do something on my own. Thank you my dear sisters...

OK, first I'll line up all of the things I will need for this trip

That should do it...

I'll make a list so that I don't forget anything! This is so easy. Why do grown- ups complicate things?

What? I don't have a suitcase allowance ? You're kidding me!!


I think I do need some help........ Nana!!!

What a relief. Problem solved. Nana says I don't need to take all of this stuff cause we're going to FDR Family Resort and they supply most of it. I trust my Nana and so I am going with just my stroller and my free carry-on. I'll keep you posted.
Orlando... 20 months

I want to go to: