Jamaica Bound...!

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Mommy thought that I would probably sleep on the airplane...I had other plans...

Feb 10 started very early for my family. Daddy said we had to be at the airport by 5am.. 3 hours prior to departure. We all groaned ...but it's good that Mommy and Nana listened to him.

What a suprise... there were lots of people lined up ahead of us. It took about an hour to get all checked in. It was a good thing that Daddy waited as he entertained my sisters and me and took us to breakfast.
We passed through security by 7am, where we found a neat play area.

Mommy thought that I would probably sleep on the airplane...I had other plans... I was too exited!! My Mommy, Nana and sisters were excited when we finally arrived in Montego Bay ..... 4 hours later...that's when I decided to finally have a nap... customs... how boring.

We got through the Montego Bay airport very quickly (at which point I woke up...) We were met by a nice man who had a private van waiting just for us... it had a car seat in it for me (I was wondering why we hadn't brought ours; as Mommy is really fussy about safety). The van also had booster seats and baby seats (and space for Mommy and Nana to but their bottoms down on too).

Mommy figured that I would sleep in the car..... it's not every day you get to see a new country for the first time. The road was great, and the drive was about one hour, all along the sea, and we saw lots of interesting animals like goats, donkeys and different birds and I was not going to miss a thing.

Before you knew it we had arrived safely at FDR... what a pretty place. Nana said it looks like a Jamaican Plantation House or a Great House..

Check out the path we walked to get to our suite... it's like a jungle... how cool!

This is the front door to our suite...

where I passed by my crib ...

...and also met our Nanny, Shirnette.

(I might have looked tired...But I WAS not...)

Shirnette took us for a walk to remind my sisters where everything is, on our walk we stopped at the bar for a "mixology" lesson... Gabriella's drink tasted IRIE!!

We headed to the beach to check things out while the adults unpacked our stuff.

Shirnette took us to dinner for 5:30 (a kids buffet... it was cool... everything is my height). Mommy thought it was a good idea to eat early and get to bed by 7:00pm

..I had other plans... I wanted to see the kids club at night...

... a few kids watching a movie and playing video games...

(The movie/reading room with some comfy couches)

(Tye die shirts made by other kids earlier in the day.)

... all the other older kids seemed to be hanging out on the beach playing games with their nannies... how cool is that!

We went to bed and were sound asleep by 8:00pm

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