Keep Your Kids from Travel Boredom with Crayola ColorStudio HD

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Nothing’s more annoying than children whining at the back of your car during an unfortunately long roadtrip. So it’s important to keep them entertained.

Preschoolers and even kids who are still at the early stages of grade school could certainly be amused by the seemingly endless opportunities to color digital photos once you handed them the Crayola ColorStudio HD. Similar to tablets or e-readers in size and dimension, children could make use of this travel gadget’s stylus to erase, color, write, draw, mark or paint digital pictures to keep them from getting bored during one of your out-of-town trips.

Learn more about this $29.99 child-friendly gadget in an overview provided below:

Like a marker, crayon, pen and paintbrush in one, iMarker creates favorite Crayola colors within the ColorStudio HD app. iMarker looks like a Crayola marker, but is safe to use with the Multi-Touch display of your iPad. The ColorStudio HD app automatically differentiates between iMarker and your child’s finger taps and swipes, allowing intuitive, creative play without having to toggle between modes. Your child enjoys the accuracy and ease of a stylus without giving up direct manipulation of the creative space… Pictures, animations, sound effects, music — ColorStudio HD always has something new to discover and color. And new pictures are available through ongoing updates automatically when you sync your iPad.

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