Las Vegas as a family destination

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Ching Ching!!! Las Vegas!! Well what can I say about a place that kind of speaks for itself? I can start by saying that gambling, the main attraction, is not the only thing to do in Vegas.

Rather than going to gamble how about walking the strip and looking at all the different hotels and shops and restaurants. The hotel and casino names say it all. The Luxor is styled after the Egyptian pyramids, Circus Circus is a "Circus" theme, Paris Paris is, well, you get the picture!

King Tut's Tomb at the Luxor

The hotels are huge with lots of activities. When I was in Vegas I was really surprised to see so many families, but there they were, so something is attracting them . Las Vegas is hot night and day and there are swimming pools everywhere...and golf as well.

Of course there are the famous Las Vegas shows - magic, cabaret, circus, concerts and musicals. The big hotels with themes usually put on shows that match their theme. At New York New York there's a roller coaster, Circus Circus actually has a circus show , at the Luxor there's the King Tut replica exhibit, and who moved the Nile anyway? At MGM Grand the lions are on show, Paris Paris has cafes modeled after those in Paris.

The Grand Canyon

Outside of Las Vegas there are all kinds of activities for the physically fit - hiking in Death Valley, Red Rock Canyon and the Grand Canyon, white water rafting on the Colorado, overnight camping trips to full one week camping trips, even by mule.

Some of the one day excursions you might want to take out of "sin city" are the train and /or bus tours to the Grand Canyon, and the "hummer" tours of the Grand Canyon and Death Valley.

You can take tours from Las Vegas by horseback, bus, plane, train, and off road vehicles. Visit the Hoover Dam, and Lake Mead.

For the less adventurous, Vegas even offers chocolate factory tours and there are several museums on the history of Las Vegas. At night take in an amazing view from a revolving restaurant. Restaurants and great nightlife are everywhere, even for families with kids in tow..

That pretty much sums up Las Vegas. Of course there's the option of getting married there... we can help with the arrangements. Another option is gambling away your home and worldly possessions - we try not to help with those arrangements!

Gamblin' man losing all his money

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