Let's go diving at Kids Sea Camp, Cayman Islands

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Summer has got to be one of the many yearly events that kids look forward to. They are out of school enjoying the sun and the beach. Building sand castles, walking along the shore, and discovering sea creatures are some of the activities that kids enjoy.

Cayman Islands offers world renowned beaches, eye-catching views, mouth-watering food, and a Kids Sea Camp that does not limit them staying on the beach shore and low waters. In fact, kids can go diving! Just like what adults do. As early as five years old they can learn about scuba diving. Programs that they have includes Sassy for the little kids, Seal Team for the older kids, and Junior Open Water for the kids who are old enough to earn a certification. Kids Sea Camp invites experts like Ron Stevens who does unerwater dot pantings. Night dives, scooter dive wherein you ride a scooter like a bicycle to steer, deep dive, wreck dive, photography dive, and a lot more activities. This Kids Sea Camp does not only offer diving activities. A day trip to Boatswain’s Beach turtle farm is also one of the activities where thy learn about marine life. What’s a beach trip without a treasure hunt? Kids go treasure hunting as well and get cool prizes.

But, how do you do all these really exciting activities without your equipments? Divetech is a dive shop that offers everything you need. From underwater cameras to take a picture of your encounter with sea creatures, to wet suites to complete your diving experience, and even scooters, food, and dive tables to help you with your diving, and a lot more! So what are you waiting for? Enjoy your day out with the whole family at Cayman Islands.

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