Caracol Falls

Caracol Falls, or Cascata do Caracol, is a 426-foot (130 meter) waterfall about 4.35 miles (7.00 km) from Canela, Brazil in Caracol State Park (Parque do Caracol). It is formed by the Caracol River and cuts out of basalt cliffs in the Serra Geral mountain range, falling into the Vale da Lageana. Caracol Falls has long attracted visitors and is the second most popular natural tourist attraction in Brazil, trailing only Iguazu Falls. In 2009, it received more than 289,000 visitors. There is a nearby 100-foot observation tower that offers an elevator and a panoramic view, as well as a cable car that gives tourists an aerial view of the waterfall. The area also provides a restaurant and craft stalls.

Regarding our time in FDR - Absolutely fabulous.

Regarding our time in FDR - Absolutely fabulous. I am not so sure why I hesitated to go but it was so nice to see Patrina again (although it was harder leaving her this time) We are planning to go back hopefully in 2013 I wanted to thank you again for booking our family vacation and being so flexible with some of the bumps in the road we had this time around. It was fantastic. The welcome package they left us was very appreciated as well. I look forward to booking with you in futureSusan

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