More than Castles in the Sand, Part 3

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Thursday, May 15, Honduras

The Explorer docked at a busy working port named Puerto Cortes about 8 am. We had decided to take a private tour and see as much as possible of what this country of 7 million has to offer Let's Take the Kids family travelers.

We managed to get to the seaside town of Tela. The road system, though very good, required us to travel a good distance inland before doing a switch back to the coast. Enroute to this interesting seaside town, we saw acres of wonderful oil producing palms, plantains, bananas, oranges and hundreds of large transport trucks. Puerto Cortes is a very busy working port… and by no means considered an attractive cruise terminal. La Cieba airport is quite convenient for airline passengers who wish to visit the costal towns and Bay Islands.

Our visit to Telamar villas and hotel, though short, was enough to convince us that this indeed is a family holiday resort we can recommend with confidence.

A long beautiful beach, a variety of restaurants, excellent accommodation, including ocean-front villas that accommodate up to 8 persons, great facilities for entertainment and sports and lots of off resort tours. Check this one out at Contact us for details and reservations.

See also for an idea of additional sightseeing opportunities and adventure experiences.

Friday May 16

We enjoyed a relaxing day at sea. Met and socialized with lots of fellow passengers. Cruising on the Explorer is such a friendly and relaxing experience.

Saturday, May 17, Costa Rica

We arrived at Puerto Limon, on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica where we spent the next 2 days. Costa Rica is a beautiful country and Let's Take the Kids family travel consultants have had the good fortune to have traveled throughout much of it. All of our previous travels had been on the Pacific coast or in the interior. This was a first visit to Costa Rica's Caribbean coast and the Tortuguero National Park. The boat excursion on the canal was really fascinating.

This slow was especially accommodating and wanted to show off her baby.

She was happy that we were so excited to make her acquaintance.

The howler monkey wanted to scare us off with her weird cry.

Beautiful birds and plants greeted us everywhere.

Ann Marie also enjoyed a zip line canopy adventure. All reports from others who experienced a myriad of inland adventures were very positive.

And of course there is always music.

All reports from others who experienced a myriad of inland adventures were very positive Puerto Limon itself could use a few good street cleaners.

Every year Let's Take the Kids Travel agents help many families spend enjoyable and fascinating holidays together in Costa Rica. We are available to help you too. Just ask for one of our Costa Rica specialists to ensure that your family travels comfortably and well informed.

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