More than Castles in the Sand, Part 4

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Monday, May 19

We arrived in the very busy port of Colon, Panama where we spent the next 2 days exploring as much as we could squeeze in.

And, and speaking of squeeze, I am sure you know what this is ...

and, no, they don't grease the sides of the ships ... they make it through every time.

With a little help usually.

Lunch time found us just outside the interesting town of Portobelo where we treated ourselves to wonderful fried snapper.

The next day we visited Embera Indian Village

We traveled by taxi for about an hour before we transferred to a dugout canoe with an outboard motor and off we went to the village.

We were greeted on arrival by some local residents.

and escorted to the village.

We passed a new house being framed.

A photo of a finish product.

How can we get in ... ? Oh I see the steps just to the right.

The ladies of this little village take time out to prepare lunch for all visitors.

No plates to wash up here!

Lunch is served ... Fried fish and plantain ... Delicious

And of course the souvenir shop demanded a visit.

We said goodbye and headed back to the ship, after a fascinating outing.

May 21 we were at sea all day with lots of interesting things to enjoy or ignore, according to your fancy, or Fancy Dress!

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