More Than Castles in the Sand, Part 6

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands · About Sightseeing

It's May 23rd - Grand Cayman

There was just so much to do, so close at hand. What a predicament!

First we visited the Aqua Bay Resort. Lovely 2 bedroom suites at the end of 7 mile beach. Absolutely ideal for our family travelers as you can see from our photos.

Then we split up for a short while. We engaged a taxi.. I wanted to see how the island was doing since the last hurricane. Ann Marie dropped off at the Boatswain' s Beach Experience which really needs a day in itself.

Of course we spent time at the famous 7 mile beach.

Hey There! Goodbye ...

... don't forget me, as you sail off into the sunset, back to Nassau and home.

Cheers! Hope you enjoyed our report.

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