My Experience at FDR Resort Jamaica

Saint Ann, Jamaica · About All Inclusive

This past March my family and I traveled to the FDR Resort in sunny Runaway Bay Jamaica.

We felt like family the moment we arrived. FDR's private transfers took us from the airport, drove us along a 50-minute scenic route to the property and the front desk staff immediately scooped up the kids once we arrived.

I've traveled the world and I can confidently say the suite we were given was the most spacious I've ever had. Full kitchen, living room, 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and 2 patios; one facing the beach and the other the pool. It was truly a home away from home.

The staff was nice enough to give me a tour of other suites types and all were just as beautiful and impressive.

Having Shirnette as our nanny included in the cost made this trip for us. I changed zero diapers and was able to eat my meals from beginning to end! She gave us the flexibility to relax on the beach or head out on the free Ocho Rios shopping excursion while knowing they were being taken care of. She would join us as well making sure their (and our) sunscreen was on and that we were all fed and happy. She arrived every morning at 8:30am and left at 4:40pm. After 4:40pm your nanny is always available to hang back for as long as you need at $9 USD an hour. In between entertaining and caring for our kids she also kept our fridge stocked with anything we wanted, cleaned up our room and was basically a helping hand for anything we needed.

The food was good, jerk everything, even jerk poutine! Make sure you try the star apple, it's unlike any fruit we have here and it's very addictive. The variety at the buffet is great and if you can't decide between the lobster alfredo or the filet mignon at one of the three a la carte restaurants get both, you're on holiday! I was impressed with the selection at the bar, they can make pretty well anything you can think of. I suggest the dirty banana and the chocolatini.

We took advantage of the free Ocho Rios shopping tour the resort offers and had a great time haggling at the market. We also took the Dunn's River tour from the resort for $40 each. I was expecting a cheesy tourist trap but it ended up being a highlight and kinda scary. Leave the kids with the nanny for this one. Some other tours available from the resort include bobsledding, scuba diving, jeep safari, horseback on the beach, river rafting and lots more or try a glass bottom boat and snorkeling rides for free right from the beach.

Every morning by the pool the entertainment staff have written down all the Kids, Teens and Adults activities for the day starting from 7am to 9:30pm. Things from crab or goat racing, mixology classes, volleyball on the beach, karaoke, kids movie night, evening entertainment, tie dying (make sure to bring your white shirts), family BBQ on the beach, painting class're not getting bored here.

If you're interested in snorkeling, you're at the right place. The snorkeling right off the beach is some of the best I've ever seen. I saw so many tropical fish all different colors including needle nose and coral. My mom is a nervous swimmer but she was able to walk in up to her waist and feed the fish bread from her hand. If you walk up the beach a little further you'll even see a couple sting rays! Walk a little further up to a local seafood restaurant for some garlic shrimp.

The service here is out of this world! From day one I felt as though I'd known the staff here my whole life. They all remembered our names, drink orders and served us special vegetarian meals. We were approached at the beach and even while sitting on our patio by the bartender asking us if we were ready for another. Prior to this holiday, I would never have considered repeating a resort but after my stay at FDR my mind has changed. We were spoiled and we miss our Nanny Shirnette.

See you next year FDR !

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