Our general voicemail was broken... please accept our apologies if we ignored your call

Ottawa, Ontario · About Business

It appears that we have had a problem with our general voicemailbox since sometime possibly as early as February this year...

Our agents' individual mailboxes have been working seamlessly, but our general mailbox has quietly been accepting messages and simply not notifying us in any way that messages were there (and piling up). It does make us sound like we're not really on the ball, but our agents usually work from different offices and none of us individually had noticed that we weren't getting any "general" messages, as each of our own voice mails were working.

Our phone administrators fixed the problem for us this morning and .... to our dismay we found that we managed to leave upwards of 50 people "hanging" with no responses from us.

Unfortunately we managed to further compound the problem this morning as when attempting to save the messages (in order to call back each person that left a message and got nothing in return) all but a handful were in fact "not saved" and now we cannot even call back (very late) in order to apologise for not responding.

So, just in case anyone that attempted to call us, is checking the website still, we apologise profusely for missing your call. It was quite a shock this morning to find what had happened...

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