Our Last Full Day and I Want It To Be At The Beach

Runaway Bay, Jamaica · About Escorted or Guided Tour

Where is my Nanny? There's lots to fit in today...

Mommy, Gabriella and Kiara went for a bike ride with Curtis.... Mommy said she was really impressed with the cleanliness and the feeling of safety cycling outside the gates of FDR.

In the meantime, Shirnette took me to craft time at the Kids Club to make my very own Jamaican bracelet... check it out!

Then we went down to the beach area. My sisters were back from their bike ride and had gone there too. There was lots of action going on.... kidsl collecting shells and hermit crabs.....

others having a water balloon fight...

which ended up with everyone chasing Curtis, (entertainment coordinator) and dunking him in the ocean.

Then some bottles appeared in the water out of nowhere...and were coming to shore...

Kiara got three out of the water... one for her, one for Gabriella and one for me...the bottles had messages in them....

We all had a different message... once we did what was on the message we got a prize... cool!!

In the evening there was a Superboy Contest....Shirnette taught me how to flex my muscles and I showed off my dancing talents.

Then I went to bed...

Guess what?

Before we went to bed we found out that we're staying an extra week!!!! Kiara's reaction reflected just how we all felt.

Nana says that we're having too much fun to leave just yet....!!

... Apparently we were not the only ones staying longer... lots of people changed their reservations to stay longer at FDR!!

So when I get a chance, I will tell you more about our wonderful holiday here at FDR Resorts Jamaica

<<<THE END>>>

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