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Venturing further afield to Peru and the land of the Incas and the fincas (farms)... mountains, plains, fantastic architecture and great shopping, good food, modern cities alongside ancient civilizations, history and, oh .... those heights and their effects on your sense of balance and well being.

Picture of Machu Picchu by Exfordy

Where to start is the problem here.

  • Is it easy to get to? Relatively so.
  • Is it expensive? Not once you are there.
  • Is it a good family destination? Depending on your interests and the ages of your children, it can be the experience of a lifetime. Recommended for the physically fit and mentally alert from 9 to 89.

To maximize your family's enjoyment we suggest travelling to Peru after doing at least some preliminary reading and research. Guaranteed you'll want to continue your research once you have experienced this amazing country which traces its culture the to pre-Columbian era, preceding the famous Incas by many centuries.

Allow at least two to three weeks for this vacation. Do use a tour company or at least the services of the very well educated local area tour guides - specialists in providing accurate information regarding their particular regions. The best time to visit is in the months from June to September.

With so much to see and do we can only, at this time, suggest that you purchase a good guide book, buy a backpack and some hiking boots, make sure you have access to a good camera and lots of film, learn a a few Spanish phrases and contact us.

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