The Venetian Pool – One of the Loveliest Swimming Pools in Miami

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Know more about the only Miami pool with a National Register of Historic Places listing.

The Venetian Pool, Miami

Billed as the strangest yet most attractive pool in Miami, this gem hiding behind a DeSoto Boulevard stucco wall invites travelers and locals alike to dip into its cool waters and enjoy the sun for merely $5.

With underground artesian wells draining water into the waterfalls and fountains of this free-form lagoon, which is thankfully provided with shade by the equally gorgeous Spanish porticos, you can simply expect to swim through fresh water every day. Apart from this, this Miami travel attractions is refilled every night by the said underground aquifer.

Find out more about this really cool and sanitized swimming pool by checking out this overview published on its official website:

The Venetian Pool is an aquatic facility unlike no other in the country. It has been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world, and is still one of the main tourist attractions for those visiting the City of Coral Gables… Of course the aquifer is not the only feature that enhances a visitor’s experience. There are two waterfalls that provide a scenic backdrop as well as the cave-like grottos which provide a fun experience for swimmers… The Venetian Pool’s beauty is further accentuated by its loggias, porticos, palm trees and signature bridge. It truly is an unforgettable experience!

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