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See the beauty of Italy this Summer

This summer you can be in one of the most ideal places in the world, the Amalfi Coast in Italy. You can travel down the famous and picturesque coast, kayaking just off the shore in the azure waters, before traveling by boat to different Southern Islands to explore what makes each one unique and beautiful in its own right. On small Aeolian Islands like Vulcano and large islands like Sicily, your family will eat, hike, enjoy fine wine, and create incredible life long memories each and every day. There’s no time like now to have the adventure through Italy you deserve!

Why only see the Amalfi Coast? Talk to one of our family travel advisors about seeing Rome before or after your adventure on the islands!

Departures August 3-13 IAdult $4,990 Child $4,790

Fresh mountain air can do everyone a little good! Add in hiking through meadows of wildflowers, visiting a palace carved entirely out of ice, and a fun and exhilarating rope course- and this is a family adventure not to be missed!

Departure August 5-13 I Adult $5,690 Child $5,390

At Thomson Family Adventures, we are serious about our Core Values, especially the one about trust. We work every day to gain your family’s trust and help you plan the most incredible vacation of a lifetime.

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