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Protect your investment and have peace of mind while you travel.

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Protect your investment

Your family vacation represents a significant investment. With most of a package holiday likely to be 100% non-refundable in the event that you have to cancel last minute, you could stand to lose everything. Something as small as an ear infection, could cost you thousands. And if you had to come back early from your vacation in an emergency, not only could you lose the remainder of your paid holiday, but you may also have to spend much more to get last minute (full fare) tickets home.

Make sure you are covered with trip cancellation/ interruption insurance.

Peace of mind while you travel

What happens if you get sick or injured abroad? It's no joke trying to find a good hospital, and trying to communicate and arrange treatment and payment while abroad.

Again, no problem if you have purchased out-of-country medical coverage.

Get fully covered

Deluxe Package Insurance combines trip cancellation/ interruption and medical insurance, and includes additional coverage for flight accident and lost or delayed baggage. It's simply the best protection and peace of mind.

  • We sell TIPS travel insurance (particularly for their family plan) - you can research and even buy travel insurance via our TIPS insurance page. Indeed, for our Quebec-resident clients this is now the only way we can offer travel insurance to you (after some recent regulatory changes).

Even for road trips

We can sell you travel insurance even for a driving holiday. You still need to be covered, at a minimum, for medical emergencies on your trip - especially Canadians traveling to the states.

Even within Canada

You may not be aware that your Canadian provincial health plan does not cover many medical expenses for emergencies that occur out of your home province. New this year, you can pay for full package coverage for travel in Canada for a lower cost than foreign travel...

Coming to Canada?

Visitors to Canada Insurance is also available which covers for medical emergencies while in Canada.

We consider Travel Insurance to be an essential part of your holiday package. Don't leave home without it!

"But I'm already covered..."

Gold Credit Cards - how good is the coverage?

Some credit cards offer some kind of cancellation insurance for travel paid for with that card. The coverage varies widely. No credit card offers anything approaching the coverage of our stand-alone insurance policy. Most are very restricted as to the insured risks (the reasons why you could cancel and claim), and may have a claim maximum limit. After all, the premium that you pay for your card is not very high is it? Think about it...

Work medical policies

If you have medical coverage at work, there are a few questions you need to ask.

  • "Are you covered abroad?" You may not be!
  • "Does it extend to your family?" You shouldn't assume that it does.
  • And the question most people don't know to ask - "Is there a lifetime maximum payout?" If there is, one large claim could conceivably wipe out your work medical coverage for life!

It's up to you

YOU MUST CHECK YOUR EXISTING COVERAGE and find out whether it is really good enough. A number of people have checked, on our advice, only to find that they actually had no coverage at all. Maybe you are in the same situation!