Travel Tip: Things to Do on Saint Vincent Island

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Learn more about the activities that you can do when visiting this volcanic Caribbean island.

Known as the biggest island in the series of isles, named St. Vincent and the Grenadines, St. Vincent is partially made up of sunken volcanic mountains, while it still serves as a home to one active volcano, called La Soufriere.

With a tropical climate, this Caribbean island’s forests and mountains are not the only prime reasons why travelers visit but also its black- and white-sanded strips – something which is really rare in one country.

Nonetheless, celebrity Daily Mail UK Travel contributor Alexandra Burke hasn’t had the chance to see the black sand beaches of St. Vincent because the resort she stayed in has imported white sand from Guyana to further improve its appearance (“Bats, Turtles and the Cricket Star who Wanted to Marry Me: Alexandra Burke is Bowled by St. Vincent’s”).

So aside from beach bumming, Alexandra thought of other things to do while on the island. Here’s an excerpt of her recent travel:

When I'm on holiday I try my best to switch off. I find it very hard to unwind. If there are things to do, I usually end up trying them out. For example, while we were at Buccament Bay we went to the local church just around the corner… We also hired a catamaran and sailed to Mustique, which was thrilling. We did the full 'Mustique experience' visiting the famous Basil's Bar, where we had a meal and listened to an amazing live band… My most extraordinary outing on Mustique was when I got brave enough to go down into what they call the Bat Cave. Not the home of Batman but real bats! Perhaps the highlight of the holiday was when I went swimming with turtles… There weren't many of them, but I jumped in the sea from the boat and swam with these wonderful creatures. And then we saw whales and flying fish and a stingray - I swam with a stingray!

So contact us as early as now for more details on your next holiday break in St. Vincent’s!

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