Valentine's Day FDR Style

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The ratio of staff to guests is about double.

Hi it's me Kiara,

Today is a very Happy Valentine's Day here. The resort is all decked out in red and white balloons and all kinds of other Valentine decorations. Nana brought special chocolates for the staff and I started to pass them around at breakfast time. We soon ran out though because Abuelo says that the ratio of staff to guests is about double the normal... I am not sure what that means, but there are Nannies, Kids Club staff, waiters and cooks and all kinds of people just everywhere you need them and they are all smiling and helpful.

Our friend Sonja says that this place is a guaranteed knockout?? She just wants to tell everyone about it. Today we swam in the ocean, and in the pool, went snorkelling, went to the kids club (we stuffed our very own Teddy Bears), went in kayaks and went to crab races. We are having a great time and it looks like all the other kids and their parents are too.

Today we all went for a glass bottom boat ride and that was so interesting. We saw all kinds of fish and different kinds of coral and learned the names of the coral and some of the fish. Tonight there will be a very special Valentine's dinner, as well as a Talent show at which I'll be singing.

I have to go now... my sister is calling me... I am missing some of the fun games on the beach.

Love from Kiara


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