Video: Canadian Rockies Time-Lapse Montage

Banff, Alberta · About Outdoor Activities

You surely won’t run out of things to do when visiting Canada because nature-wise, it features countless of majestic sceneries, each of which would surely take your breath away.

The Canadian Rockies is one of the many natural travel attractions boasted by Canada. A part of the North American Rocky Mountains, this segment takes pride in innumerable ranges and mountains, including Mt. Columbia and Mt. Robson.

This World Heritage Site is comprised of limestone and shale, adding to the unique beauty that it emits. Take a peek at this praise-worthy clip on the Canadian Rockies arranged by The Upthink Lab, in which the user shares,

Due to the extremely volatile weather in the Canadian Rockies, it was a challenging adventure to capture enough time-lapse content in such a short period of time. I'm eager to return and venture deeper into the beautiful landscapes.

So start planning your next nature trip as soon as possible!

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