Video: Nature’s Pharmacy

South Africa · About Escorted or Guided Tour

Find out more about the endemic plants in a South African natural region.

Found on the coasts of the Indian Ocean, Pondoland is a beautiful, mountainous region that prides in the abundance of subtropical evergreen forests, thornveld and grasslands.

This Eastern Cape destination is also known for its Maputaland-Pondoland bush land and thickets, one of the country’s ecoregions, which is further featured in this travel video uploaded by Green Renaissance. In this video, the creator shares,

In Nature’s Pharmacy we travel to Sinegugu’s birthplace and discover the vast amount of endemic plant species unique to the area. We are also introduced to members of the community whose relationship to the land exceeds any benefit from the material world. Sinegugu speaks about his stewardship program and highlights the importance of protecting indigenous knowledge. His message is a call to action, a call for people to begin valuing the environment and the “magic” of plants, a call on the elders to start teaching and on the young generation to start listening.

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