Video: Sunsets around the World

About Sightseeing

There is always something about sunsets that bring out the romantic feel of a place as well as the amazing beauty that surrounds what used to be a mundane setting during daytime.

It does not matter if you are watching the sun resign with all its glory over the ocean or observe how it magically colors the sky with wonderful shades of orange in the city; just being given the chance to lay your eyes upon its fading beauty is more than enough regardless of the place you may find yourself in.

So get a load of the sunsets around the world on this video, shared to us by Romain World Tour. He describes the piece as:

“—showing some of the best sunrises and sunsets I've seen in 365 days, and was shot in USA, India, Cambodia, Colombia, China, Russia, Thailand, Argentina, Chile, Mongolia, Nicaragua, Mexico, Hong-Kong, Australia, Vietnam, Guatemala, Belgium & France.”

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