Video: Travel Roatan

Roatan, Honduras · About Rest & Relaxation

See how it is to have a vacation in the biggest Bay Island of the Honduras.

Nestling between the Guanaja and Utila Islands, Roatan is close to the Caribbean Sea’s biggest barrier reef, named the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. Aside from the many scuba divers who visit this island, Roatan is also a popular travel destination of cruise liners. Even people who simply wish to enjoy the Caribbean setting of Roatan can’t say no to its beauty, most especially if they stay at the French Harbor, West End, Sandy Bay, West Bay and Oak Ridge parts of the island.

So learn more about traveling to Roatan in this documentary featured by SilverBox Studios, the uploader of which says that this Caribbean Island is “considered one of the last true diver's paradise in the world”.

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