Visit These Top Spots for LEGO Lovers

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Here are the top destinations to check out and enjoy everything LEGO!

LEGO is a popular brand of toys, consisting of interlocking plastic bricks, accompanying gears, mini figures and other parts. They first hit the market in 1949, and today are one of the largest toy companies in the world. Their toys have evolved from simple bricks and figures to a large array of shapes and sizes. There are figures and parts to represent just about everything from various work settings, to game and movie characters and sets.

They have become such a global commodity that they have even set up various attractions where you can check out their huge array of products. You will be able to not just browse, but play with them as well! These destinations are perfect for LEGO lovers and make for the perfect family outing. Here are the top LEGO spots in the world:


For LEGO-themed fun
LEGOLAND has many US locations in California, Carlsbad and Winterhaven. A trip to any one of the parks will provide you with you more than your average LEGO experience. More than just building blocks and characters, you can jump on a number a roller coasters and rides here, all LEGO-themed, that will bring out your inner-child. There are also numerous attractions at the parks to check out, and exclusive shopping options.

Discovery Times Square Museum
For amazing LEGO art
Would you like to see the largest solo display of LEGO art ever assembled? Discovery Times Square Museum in New York, is hosting “Art of the Brick”, a superb travelling exhibition of works of art made entirely of LEGO. Through January, 2014, the artist Nathan Sawaya will be displaying his LEGO creations representing famous works of art such as: Rodin’s “The Thinker” and Van Gogh’s “A Starry Night”.

Toys “R” Us
For great LEGO shopping options
Toys “R” Us has location all over the United States and in Britain as well. LEGO toys and accessories are top sellers in their stores, and they often have very large and impressive LEGO displays in or outside many of their branches. One of the most notable of these is in Times Square, New York.

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LEGO is a toy, but it is one of the very few that are not limited to young children, yet still enjoyed by them. The top LEGO lovers’ destinations, while giving you the best places to check out LEGO, are a guide as to the various ways to appreciate these fun little bricks.