We had a FABULOUS time in Disney World

By Linda B, Ottawa · Agent Edmundo Roa · in Orlando, Florida


Hi Edmundo,
Glad to hear the post card arrived! We had a FABULOUS time in Disney World.  The kids enjoyed themselves like never before. They LOVED the hotel, the pool, the monorail etc. etc. etc. Our room location couldn't have been better----we had a nightly view of the EXCELLENT fireworks and the light parade on the lake (I swear they blow the Canada Day budget out of the water each and every night!). Zoe and Michael felt like royalty at the Princess Castle dining experience---and I must say that the food overall was actually quite good---better than I would have expected on a free dining plan and at a park that serves 25,000 people on a slow day!
Generally speaking we waited between 5 and 8 minutes to get on most rides (the wait was MUCH longer to meet the characters) and only one ride was a 20 minute wait. My husband found an application on his IPhone that could tell us how long the wait times were at each ride---very handy. Disney staff went out of their way on two occasions to ensure the kids were as happy as clams. I have to say that both my husband and I felt we received good value.
So, there you have it---a great time was had by all! I am so glad I contacted you to put this together for us---it was a very magical trip!
Linda B.


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